Building the consent layer for AI

due diligence fortraining data is hard.


Clean Data, Peace of Mind: With our API, rest assured that your datasets respect data privacy and consent, safeguarding your company's reputation by tracking emerging liabilities and regulations.

Our API automates the process of identifying and flagging non-consenting data, keeping your datasets compliant and your company protected.

We’re making the consent layer for AI.

Key Features

Secure Data

Fast Batch Processing

Granular Permissions

Up-to-date permissions registry

Domain Level Controls

Effortless integration

Build consent into your products with the spawning API. confidently train Consent-Respecting Models with spawning’s tool suite.

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Use Cases

  • Data Due Diligence for Machine Learning Projects

    Utilize our API to ensure your machine learning projects are built on consented data. By filtering out non-compliant data, you can create more accurate models while avoiding potential legal issues.

  • EU Directive : Copyright in the Digital Single Market Article 4 Compliant

    When building commercial models, data consent is paramount. Our API enables you to validate the data you collect, ensuring that you're not using opted-out work that respects the original copyright owners' consent preferences while complying with EU directives.

  • Research and Academic Studies

    Conduct research and academic studies with confidence, knowing that your datasets respect the consent preferences of the original copyright owners. Our API streamlines the process of verifying data consent, allowing you to focus on groundbreaking research while upholding ethical data practices.

  • Cross platform Data Parity

    Achieve seamless cross-platform data parity with our powerful API. As your data sources span multiple platforms and systems, maintaining consent compliance can be challenging. Our API simplifies this process by providing a unified solution for opt-out verification, ensuring that your datasets remain compliant and consent-aware across data source platforms. Experience the confidence that comes with consistent, ethical data usage, no matter where your data originates.

Let Spawning’s API be your one-stop-shop for all opt-out filtering As new machine readable opt-outs emerge, if you’re using our API, rest assured you’ll be compliant.

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